Thanks, Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder changed my life.

I never met the man, so to say that sounds a bit dramatic. However, If you have ever seen Young Frankenstein, you will very likely understand what I am talking about.

In the film, there is a moment, when the seemingly level-headed scientist Fredrick Frankenstein (Fronk-un-STEEN), completely loses it. On a dime, he goes from cool and collected, to panicked and shrill. To say I laughed my ass off would be an understatement.

Great films stick with you. Great performances especially. Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein for me was the moment I realized the effect a film can have on a person.

He didn’t win an Oscar for his work. It wouldn’t go down as among the greatest performances ever.

Except to some random kid from Portland, it was the game changer. To me, it WAS the greatest performance ever.

So in a big way, I am here because of Gene.

I started this blog with one goal: To talk about films. The movies good and bad that help shape our lives. I am not a critic and I don’t really strive to be one. I just hope to connect with some film lovers like myself and see if maybe we can’t get a few more people on the band wagon as we go along.

So with that said…let’s see where this takes us.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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