I am Clark W. Griswold

I love Christmas. I mean I really love Christmas.

I am that asshole at work that listens to Christmas music in the office in June, slowly beating down the will of everyone around him, imploring them to give in and admit that you can listen to White Christmas anytime of the damn year.

I am that guy that is shameless when it comes to wearing my Unicorn Christmas sweater in late July (even if it still is 150 days away).

Need Christmas cookies in April? I am your man.

Have a craving for Eggnog? Oh, I got your ass covered.

Now, I get that not everyone loves Christmas. Some people downright hate it. You can blame commercialism (Damn you, Amazon!) or that you feel like it drags on forever (Really though, let’s be honest…its 25 days. Get over yourself). Maybe you just really hate Joy and Happiness.

I knew I was not alone though when I discovered I had one kindred spirit when it comes to my desire for pure and utter joy and good old-fashioned family Christmas happenings.

That, of course, is Clark. W. Griswold.

To say that he might be my spirit animal is not in any way an exaggeration.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a staple of my holiday season. And when I mean staple, I mean I watch it (and every new Hallmark Christmas movie) on at least a three-day cycle.

Now, I get not everyone is a Chevy Chase fan (I for one think he is hilarious, but that will be covered in another blog post), but it is not just his portrayal of the Griswold Family patriarch that drives the film in total. Somehow, Director Jeremiah S. Chechik was able to coax out of the supporting actors the perfect blend of timely humor and heart that a lot of comedy’s can’t quite balance. This is one film where I can honestly say I actually really like and understand all of the characters in the movie.

Yes. Even Cousin Eddie.

Is the film perfect? No. Not even close. Is it the “Best” Holiday film? Probably not.

Yet, over the 29 years since it’s release, the film has managed to garner a cult following and obtain a popularity that not many films do. There is something about the film that brings us back. Great films do that. They get us coming back. They make us feel something that we want to feel over and over.

Love it or hate it, this film is here to stay. If you have seen it and hated it, give it another chance. If you have never seen it, well then you have lived an empty life and need to follow one of the links below to understand what you have been missing.

On that note, I have some Christmas lights to hang. Roughly 25,000 if my estimates are correct…

Christmas Vacation IMDB

Christmas Vacation on Amazon




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